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BluINFO Introduction

Think of it as a hub for all things BluBØX

Online to Everyone / Designed for Everyone to Use

Integrators, Consultants, Customers, Technical Partners (and yes our Competitors too!)

Self Serve Your Help – A DIY Model

Can be used on Any Device, Any Where, Any Time, Any Browser

Try it:
Pull it up on all your devices and go to
Very helpful for Sales, PM, AE, Technicians, and Support that need access to BluBØX information from anywhere
Works well on mobile devices for field technicians and people that need info on the go

Integrated BluSKY Page-Level Help

Try it:
Navigate to a page and hit the “HELP” button above the menu bar


Try it:
Type in “Visitor Processing”  

Link BluINFO articles into Notifications in BluSKY 

Example notifications where you may want to link articles

EX:  Visitor Not Pre-Authorized Notification
EX:  New Employee Notification (based upon their permissions) - This helps keep the guest pre-authorization rate high
Link “BluSKY Basics”
Link “How to Preauthorize a Guest”
Link “How to Preauthorize a Group of Guests”
Link “How to Upload a Spreadsheet of Guests”
Link “How to Edit Your Personnel Record”

You can even Google the information you are looking for

Try it:
Type BluBØX 1501
We are continuously improving our Knowledge Base SEO so that everything BluBØX is searchable from Google

Constantly being worked on, added to, updated and improved

You’ll hear about significant knowledge base updates as part of software releases

Some Page Level help is still “under construction”

We focused on the most frequented pages first

We are working towards providing videos and podcasts

We want to have small videos and podcasts for every section of the knowledge base
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