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Visitor Import from Excel

Please follow the steps below to Import Visitors from Excel:

Step 1 - Click on Visitor Icon

Visitor Import BluINFO 1.jpg

Step 2 - Download Spreadsheet


Step 3 - Complete required fields

  • Locate spreadsheet on your desktop 
  • Complete required fields as shown below
  • Do not change column formatting or names                                                                 Please note you can only add 50 visitors per sheet.
  • You can enter as much information as you would like 
  • What is shown on the example is a minimum require information



  • If you want to send an invitation to a visitor please enter an email address 
  • If you prefer to indicate which company visitor is coming from use Affiliation filed. 
  • If you prefer to identify or group visitors use the Group name, for example, “annual budget” for all visitor coming to this meeting. 
  • Please note all visitor invitation times will be active starting midnight on the date of the invitation.

Step 4 - Save 

  • Save Created File
  • Proceed back to Visitor Invitation Screen


Step 5 - Validate and Import

  • The following message will be displayed
  • Click on Validate and Import


  • If validation is successful you will see a green box with Validation Successful massage 
  • You should also see a spinning wheel at the bottom of the screen with the Standby message.
  • Please be patient, when the import is complete you will see all of your visitors on Visitor Invitation screen (see next page)

Step 6 - Validation


Step 7 - Save


  • Scroll and verify all of your information
  • Click Save
  • Import is complete


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