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Why Are There Multiple Facilities And Systems With The Same Name?


Some of our Integrators have asked why there are multiple Systems and Facilities with similar or duplicate names. This is a legacy issue and should be corrected for all new Systems and Facilities in the future. This article goes into detail about how these duplicates were created and what can be done to remedy the issue.


When an Integrator creates a new Customer, a new System and Facility will be created. This is because without a System you cannot have a Facility and without a Facility you cannot create People for that Customer. The new System and Facility records use the information from the Customer to auto populate the required fields. This step used to use the address as part of the name but has since been improved to use the Customers name rather than address. If the Customer was created before the 10/19/16 release there is a chance that there are more than one System or Facility with similar names.  


If you are creating a new Customer after this article was published you have nothing to worry about. If a previously configured System or Facility exists with a duplicate or similar name, we recommend going and removing the address part of the name and replacing it with the name of the Customer instead.