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When Portal is Set to Locked Mode, Credential Reads Are Still Permitting Access


The customer reports that despite setting their door to "locked" mode, it still opens when an credential is used. The expectation is that the "locked" setting should prevent credential readers from granting access.


It appears there might be a misunderstanding or misconfiguration in the Active Lock Schedule Portal Mode setting in the Portal Edit screen. This setting alone might not be sufficient to activate the reader in the expected manner.

When A portal is created BluSKY creates Triggers, Commands, and Procedures, in the background.

Resolution Steps:

  1. Navigate to Setup-> Portals
    • Review Portal Settings: In the Setup Portals section, locate the Active Lock Schedule Portal Mode setting. Note that this setting might not fully activate the reader as intended.
  2. Navigate to Setup->Commands
    • Edit the command with the same name as the portal, but has the string "LockScheduleActivation" in the name.
    • Make sure set to Portal Mode to "Locked (no Access, REX active)
    • Select Save
  3. Navigate to Setup->Controller-door-floor Diagnostics
    • Select the controller associated with the problematic door.
    • Select "Controller Info"
    • Select "Sync Controller"
    • Select the portal you are interested in.
    • Select "Door on Schedule"

Additional Recommendations:

  • Test the Configuration: After completing these steps, conduct a test to ensure the door behaves as expected under the new settings.
  • Monitor the System: Keep an eye on the system for a short period after making these changes to ensure stability and correct functionality.
  • Contact BluCARE: If issues persist or if there is uncertainty during any step of this process, don't hesitate to reach out to BluCARE for additional support and guidance.