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How To Add a Picture or Logo to a Notification Template

Question/Problem Description

How do I add a logo or picture into a Notification template.  


Currently the UI for creating a Notification does not support adding a picture or logo into your email template.  This will be added in a future release. Fortunately, there is the ability to add custom HTML into the template, so if you can host the image or ask BluB0X to host the image, a link can be added that will embed the image into the email template.

  • Create or Edit a Notification Template   (Notifications)
  • In the "Content" menu section select the "Tools" drop down menu and select "<>Source Code"

  • You can see all the HTML for the page you created.  Here is where you can add the html code to embed your logo or image in the template. For example you can add the BluB0X logo using the following code.
  • Select save.
  • At this point you can resize or move the image around in the UI.