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Replacement Kits and Dual Board Bracket

Click to view: Board Replacements and Dual Board Brackets.pdf

Due to global supply chain constraints and chip shortages, certain components of our security products are unavailable. As a result, we are substituting other parts in their place that provide equivalent functionality from the same supplier. Specifically, the LP1502 and MR52 access control boards are in extremely limited or no supply from HID/Mercury. 

We are providing the following replacement hardware for projects utilizing these components. There is no cost differential for the replacements. It is a like for like swap. 

LP1502 - Replacement is LP1501 + MR50 and a dual board bracket – the two boards take up the same space in an enclosure as the one LP1502 - It is possible to connect up to 7 x MR50’s per LP1501. 

MR52 - Replacement is 2 x MR50’s and a dual board bracket - the two boards take up the same space in an enclosure as the one MR52.

Below are links to the datasheets for the originally specified boards and the replacement boards along with the dual board brackets for each configuration. 

LP1502MR52LP1501MR50, Dual Board Brackets

Please signify your approval of the use of the replacement hardware detailed above by providing a return email signifying such.

Your approval of this proposed approach will allow us to ship hardware more quickly and in turn allow us to commence your project significantly earlier than otherwise would be the case.

Thank you for working with us through the current global supply chain constraints.

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