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July 2023

New Products

AI Controller Alpha/Beta Release:

We are thrilled to be Beta releasing the AI Controller.  Our cutting-edge all-in-one controller that goes beyond traditional access control. With advanced features such as Controller, NVR, Analytics, Alarms/Intrusion, Intercom, Destination Dispatch Elevator, Visitor Management, Power Management, AI, and IoT. The AI Controller is the next generation - Security 5.0 

Basic Access Control Logic for Portals:
  • Ability to secure and unsecure doors

  • Support card access to open secure portals

  • Monitors and reports door position switch change of state

REX: Support for Request to Exit to open a secure door configuration:
  • Ability to configure cards for People

  • Ability to configure reader 

  • Ability to configure Inputs for door position switches and REX inputs

  • Ability to configure Outputs to control door locks

  • Ability to configure People

  • Ability to configure Access Levels 

  • Ability to configure Portals

Portal Control Commands:
  • Ability to set Portals to the following modes

  • Portal Secure  Door is locked. Requires valid card or REX to access portal

  •  Portal Locked REX Enabled – Door is locked. No card access. Requires REX to access portal

  • Portal Unlocked – Door is unlocked

  • Portal Locked REX disabled. Door is not locked. No access

  • Ability to Unlock/Release Portals for a period of time

LED/Buzzer Behavior:
  • Control the LED/Buzzer states of a reader in a Portal state (Ex: Portal Secure, Portal Unsecured)

  • Control the LED/Buzzer states of a reader during an access request (Ex: Access Granted, Access Denied)

  • Buzzer support for AIC-4

Firmwear: Ability to update AIC firmware from AIC web portal  
SDK: Ability to configure AIC through SDK service
  • Door Held Open Logic: Support for Door Held Open and Pre-Alarm Held Open events when a portal door is held open

New Features

Intelligence - Analytics Dashboard: 

1. Who's In Analytics Incremental by Occupancy

2. Who's in Analytics Incremental by Floor



1. "Recorder Details" Report

2. Interactive Maps Details 

Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 4.56.56 PM.png

Multi-Factor Authentication:
  • Two-Factor Authentication is now enabled. A user can update from the homepage under Preferences. 

Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 3.53.43 PM.png

Beacons Page:
  • Added a new Beacons page to configure  BluPOINT Nanos as beacons and appoint associations when they are not used as a reader

Person Reader:
  • Elevator Directions- implemented the feature to show the elevator direction along with its name. However, The direction will not be displayed if we don't receive a response from DDE. Additionally, we play audio for the direction. This feature can be enabled through the settings. 

  • Introduced a new setting that allows to use only local data when cloud biometrics is enabled. We will still send centroids to the cloud to update the global state.


  • Addressed issue where  search text field in the Analytics search screen stopped working

  • Analytics Dashboard: Addressed the clear button for search text in the analytics dashboard is not working if something is selected for view and then the search is completed

Active directory:
  • Resolved the issue where Active Directory integration was creating duplicate accounts in BluSKY 

Camera Page:
  • User can now update the display camera name and date/time from camera configuration page 

  • User can now update the camera name from the camera mapping page

  • User can now update the cameras through the configuration page in BluSKY (Milestone VMS only) 

  • Avigilon Support for Version 7 - Motion events now work with version 7.2+

  • When changing recording server type, the default port number is automatically set 

  • Recorder page now warns when a port is not provided or port is not default value 

Various Modules:
  • Improved search fields to handle different lengths in hyphens in text 

Destination Dispatch - Diagnostics Screen:
  • Applicable to OTIS DDE - Diagnostics will now show floor stops that people have access to

Interactive Maps:
  • Added the ability to zoom in/out in the events timeline using a vertical scroll bar

  • Moved 'Jump to Current Time' icon above right arrow on timeline

  • Added option to show/hide event numbers in event timeline 

  • Added ability to 'Select all/Un-select all' event categories 

Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 2.13.52 PM.png

  • Added 'Event Category' as title and added close (X) button to the right of the box 

  • Added title to time block and 'X' to close out as well as a '+' to add a time period 

    Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 2.13.06 PM.png

  • Numbering has been eliminated from time blocks drop up menu window 

  • Added ability to show drop up menu above the icons in events timeline


  • A '#' icon was added on Events timeline to show/hide events count 


  • Added ability to display all the devices under a facility that are not associated to any interactive map

  • Added the ability to display the complete name of system or facility for events filter on events timeline 

  • Added the ability to change the value of zoom based time block that is selected 

  • Added directory info in the Intercom Configuration page 


  • The master station now has its own SIP extension 

  • Added ability to add SIP Extensions to SIP Groups created by default under 'Other Contact' and 'Speed Dial'

Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 2.23.18 PM.png




  • Added Default SIP Group to the new Master Station Configuration 

  • Added filter to Master Station in the left nav - Filter by System Group, System, or Facility 

Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 3.21.53 PM.png

  • Added ability to load the Master Station from left navigation to the main control area by double clicking 

  • Added ability to load Master Station in SIP Groups 

  • Added the ability to Create, Edit, View and Delete Master Station in configuration 

  • New permission - 'Master Station Permission' provides ability to View, Create, Edit, and Delete Master Stations 

  • Fixed issue in 'Intercom Configuration' page where toggle buttons created an error 

Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 3.35.48 PM.png

Location Services:
  • Added the ability to predict user's current location using nearby BluPOINT Beacons within the BluSKY Mobile App for iOS and Android

  • Added line descriptions for reports on Reports list page

  • In the Role Create and Edit screens - the box around the "Assignable By" has been removed 

Visitor and Vendor Configuration:
  • Created a Google Wallet Configuration UI for Visitors and Vendors 

Visitor Invitations: 
  • Added Google Wallet generic passes 

  • Fixed issue in the Visitor Group Import emailed completion link redirecting to an error page 

  • Changed the default setting for searches to a stricter model - only very close names will be selected as possible matches 

  • Fixed issue when attempting to create a Watchlist Risk Level 

  • Fixed issue where editing a Watchlist would fail 

BluSKY Mobile App:
  • Android - Added QR Code and Visitor Pass on Google Wallet 

  • A user can now update/change the name of the BluPOINT Nano Beacon even after it has been associated with a reader in the app (iOS and Android)

  • Reader Management page - now shows the beacon name and the reader name providing the technician more information than the 8 character beacon name (iOS and Android)

  • Added the ability to associate a BluPOINT Nano to both an existing reader or a Beacon (iOS and Android)

  • When associating a BluPOINT Nano reader to a BluSKY Beacon, the UI will have the same information as seen when associating the BluPOINT Nano to a reader (iOS and Android)

How to sign up for BluSKY Software Updates

Each month, BluBØX releases important updates to BluSKY for clients and users to learn more about the newest features added to enhance their user experience. Periodically, an email will be sent with a description of the important enhanced features and added capabilities. We suggest signing up for these important updates to maximize your user experience.

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