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April 2023


Interactive Maps – Beta

  • Sorting of Facility List
  • Implemented Device type toggle filter
  • Display a message on timeline when date or time is changed
  • Added static time blocks to events timeline
  • Adding map without facility is fixed


  • When user switches video region from US to Ko or Ko to US, then don't have to restart LVSM manually

Intercom Master (Beta)

  • Under Control menu
  • Updated all video element reference document.getElementByID with react ref.


  • Under Setup menu
    • Added Relays To Fire in Intercom Configuration creation

Data Visualization

  • New permission service for Analytic Dashboard
  • Ability to print entire Dashboard
  • Numbers presented on graphs are now comma separated
  • Facility name and Analytics name title added to charts
  • Added "Day" to predefined time periods for Visitor and Vendor Charts
  • Removed Dashboard "Generate" button

Personnel Import

  • Personnel Import now creates a backup before exporting changes
  • Added "Apply By Default" column for Role, Access Level & Access Level group tabs on Personnel import sheet
  • Personnel Import now prompts if the import sheet was generated more than 5 days ago

Bug Fixes

  • The NVR Camera ID field is not getting disabled in Edit Camera page for the camera which was created through Intercom
  • In Intercom Configuration, the value of NVR Camera field is not getting saved
  • Intercom Configuration bugs (Device Name filter is not working, NVR Camera Field not proper)
  • Analytics Dashboard gives an error after switching dashboard
  • Partial chart PNG & JPEG images are getting generating when generated while in full screen mode

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