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April 2021


Automated reports 

Customers can now run reports automatically.  There currently is no UI for this, so customers will need to contact support.

The following information needed to configure the automated reports:

  1. Report Name: <Type of report used>
  2. Trigger Time: <Time & Time Zone for when the reports should be generated>
  3. Trigger Frequency: <Every day, Every 3 Days, Every Week, etc>
  4. Distribution List: <Provide DL if available or provide the email, so a DL can be created>
  5. Span: <Start & end date for the reports to be generated>
  6. System: <Name of the System>
  7. Facility: <Name of the facility if specific, else All>
  8. Occupancy: <Name of occupancy if specific, else All>
  9. All the parameters for the report

ii. Who’s in

iii. Visitor Arrivals

iv. Expected Visitors

v. Access Report

vi. Access Denied

vii. Audit report

viii. Alarms Report

ix. Person Status Report

x. Access Level Report

xi. Access Level Groups report

xii. Delegates report

xiii. Fire Brigade Report

xiv. Vendor Status Report

xv. Visitor/Vendor Activity Report

xvi. Who’s In Summary Report

xvii. Visitor Arrivals Summary Report

xviii. Visitor Expected Summary Report

New Reports 

i. Access Level Content Report

ii. Mercury Configuration Report

iii. Access Level List Report

iv. DDE Elevator Configuration Report

v. Mercury Elevator Configuration Report

vi. Credential Report

vii. Access Level Group List Report

viii. Access Level Group Content Report


We are starting to roll out the latest version of NVR connectivity software, in beta at a few sites.  We expect to be releasing this for general use within the next week.

i. It's faster and pushes the camera updates from the NVR and not Azure.

ii. Ability to expand and shrink left the nav bar

iii. Ability to move a camera from one cell to another in the video wall, in particular going from a center “Spotlight” camera and switching it for another.

Mercury Updates

i. Roll out the latest firmware update for LP controllers. Most controllers have been updated.

ii. Change to how long-term visitors' requests are synced to the Mercury controller.  

How to sign up for BluSKY Software Updates

Each month, BluBØX releases important updates to BluSKY for clients and users to learn more about the newest features added to enhance their user experience. Periodically, an email will be sent with a description of the important enhanced features and added capabilities. We suggest signing up for these important updates to maximize your user experience.

To sign up, simply click the subscribe link below and provide us with your name, company & email address:

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