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December 2020

Our latest BluSKY release introduces new features with HID's Mobile Credentials - Origo, new Reporting capabilities, and the new Support Ticketing System. 


HID Mobile: Version 2 HID Origo™ Cloud-Based Physical Access Control

HID Origo was built to accelerate the trend of helping organizations become more secure, efficient and data-driven through cloud technologies. This platform provides seamless and consistent service while improving how access control solutions are delivered. In addition, HID Origo opens opportunities for adoption of new, more flexible service subscription models while reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency.

Key Benefits

  • Reliability: Trust a secure infrastructure backed by the world’s leading cloud vendors, validated by industry certifications and delivered via HID Global’s service level agreements and support
  • Connectivity: Access and manage a trusted ecosystem of cloud-connected access control devices, applications, and trusted mobile identities in one place
  • Insights: Utilize data to ensure a seamless user experience, provide operational efficiency and make decisions to guide the business forward

 For more info from HID: 

BluB0X Benefits:

  • Never have to go to the HID portal again, all HID credentials are managed and issued through the BluSKY platform.
  • Same-day allocation of credentials
  • Manage credential usage on a tenant-by-tenant basis
  • Automatic re-circulation of deleted credentials
  • Same credential management across multiple systems
  • Cross-system, cross-site use of mobile credentials
  • Part of BluSKY’s Touchless Access Control (System)
  • Customized notifications
  • Integrated with BluSKY Visitor and Vendor Management



What's Coming: We are revisiting Reporting (Adding Interactive reporting to Reporting module and List View screens) 

Key Benefits

  • Now more dynamic, interactive, and onscreen. 
  • Faster
  • CSV only format for exporting reports
  • More Simplified and Streamlined

The First 2 existing reports have been moved into the new reporting methodology.

  • Person Activity Report
  • Who’s In Report (AKA: In/Out Report) -a report great for people tracing 

Who's In Report - A great report to be using during the pandemic to be able to track who's in your building at any given time. 

For Commercial Real Estate customers: Both tenants and building can easily run their own reports. Tenants can run their report for just their employees and the building can run for all cardholders in the building. 


Next reports that will apply the same methodology:

  • Expected Visitors report
  • Visitor Arrival report

Support Ticketing System: (Beta) - Currently rolling out to a few beta customers

Provides the integrator and end-users the ability to create support cases/requests through BluSKY providing better speed, accuracy, and transparency.

Key Benefits

  • Provides automatic routes issued to the most appropriate resource first.
  • Provides escalation and de-escalation of support cases
  • Automatic notification of each step in the support process  
  • Historical Support reporting
  • Auto-population of requestor’s contact and company information
  • Captures key information to facilitate faster resolution
  • All the right people are continuously notified throughout the life of the support case
  • Transparency through the support process
  • Ability to integrate with integrator support ticketing systems


All Fixes applied in BluSKY for December were primarily performance improvements and back-end fixes that improved the User Interface. 

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