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Security Officer - Quick Start

This guide is a great starting point for security professionals just getting familiar with BluSKY. In this guide, we cover the basics of BluSKY, getting people logged in and managing their passwords. Then we take a quick look at how People and Occupants are organized in BluSKY. Finally, we discuss some of the day to day operations, like running reports and managing the system in real-time.

This guide is broken into a few key sections. First, we discuss basic logging in and management of passwords to help you out on day one. Next, we will take a quick look at the basics of personnel management in the Administration. Then we discuss the Visitor Management system and it uses and benefits. Finally, we move into the day to day operations like running reports and real-time control. 

What is BluSKY?


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BluSKY is a simple to use but powerful web-based cloud-hosted security software platform that unifies all major security applications and works with any browser on any device, anywhere, anytime. No software to install, easy to use and easy to support. BluSKY brings all of the advantages of cloud-based computing to the physical access control world. 

Accessing BluSKY

When a person is added to BluSKY, if they have a login, they will be sent an email. This email will provide a link  with instructions for adding a password to their account. Just follow the link in the email, confirm your email address and enter a new password. If you do not receive this email, please contact your Facility Administrator. 

  • Note: Password must contain Upper, Lower, Number and Special Characters such as _$@(), etc.


Now that we can log in, let's take a look at the Administration section of BluSKY.

The Administration section of BluSKY is where a user will find the most common administrative tools needed on a daily basis. From the Administration menu, users will be able to perform common tasks, such as adding new People, adjusting Access Levels and adding Vendors. The available options are determined by the user's permissions that have been set through their Role.

Visitor Management

Real-Time Control



We hope this guide helps you get acclimated to BluSKY. As you spend time with the system, it will become easier and faster. It is important to remember that our knowledge base has a lot of answers, and they can be found easily by using the Help link in BluSKY. Your Facility Administrator is also a great resource. They will typically have escalated permission and addition training, to assist in many situations. 

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