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Integrated Wired and Wireless Lock Readers

Wireless Locks - General Information

Requires system integrator/technicians to be factory trained

  • Factory training covers 
    • Lock selection 
    • Site survey 
    • Door checklist 
    • Wifi survey 
    • Opening survey 
    • Installing batteries 
    • Pairing 
  • ASSA ABLOY Wireless Lock Certification Training 
  • Allegion Wireless Lock Certification Training 
  • Salto Wireless Lock Certification Training 
    • ASSA ABLOY has HID reader, card and mobile credential compatibility 
    • Allegion has Allegion Reader, card and mobile credential compatibility 
    • Salto has Salto Reader, card and mobile credential compatibility 
    • Glossary of terms used for ILR and WILR 
    • Pros and Cons 
  • Persistent connection 
  • Battery operated 
  • Battery related issues 
  • Battery replacement program 
  • Site lock/unlock 
  • Integration with other access control systems 
  • Cost 
  • Installation time 

Applicable Use

Vertical Solutions

  • Colleges and Universities 
  • K-12
  • Healthcare 
  • Corporate Tenants 
  • Multi-family 

Technology Solutions

  • Extending access control to existing doors where infrastructure cabling is impossible or too costly 
    • Mechanical rooms 
    • Bathrooms 
  • Extending access control to more doors because the per door cost is 1/3 cheaper

Wireless Lock Strategy

Specify standard product for the type of locks desired. Provide an OPTIONAL allowance for lock variations. Ex: Finish, lock, lockset features

  • Formula for allowance should be based on the various lock families
    • Provide lower cost BluSKY license for multi-family installations.
    • Use standard number of gateways for each type of lock.
    • Minimize or eliminate site survey until later in selection/sales process
    • Leverage manufacturers knowledge and field support for surveys
  • Have the manufacturer specify the lock
    • Remain very competitive on lock pricing
    • Require one-time lock integration software
    • Charge premium for one-time lock integration software if lock is NOT purchased through BluBØX
    • Require Professional Services to support a successful deployment
    • Require Wireless Lock Support License
  • Lock support in the event of failure
  • Firmware improvements – continuous improvement of BluSKY
  • Annual recertification of our integration with manufacturer
    • Provide proper allowances, qualifications, and exclusions for IWLR installations

Wireless Lock Proposals


  • Integrated Lock Reader (ILC)
  • We always try to provide the ILC


  • One Time ILC Connection Licenses
    • $50/Lock MSRP – Hardware NPB – Class B Product
  • If integrator buys lock from BluBØX 
    • $100/Lock MSRP – Hardware NPB – Class B Product
  • If integrator buys lock from 3rd Party
    • We may make this a function of the number of locks – non-linear pricing model

Professional Services

Mandatory Professional Service for all ILR and WILR installations

  • Why – Due to lack of door and lock knowledge
  • We will need to support the system integrator
  • We will call on manufacturers to support us
  • This takes time and time is money
  • There isn’t enough margin in the locks to cover this expense
  • Need to keep lock costs as competitive as possible
  • Organization of the tasks needed to have a successful deployment
  • Done by system integrator - guided by BluBØX

Site survey

  • Site checklist on a door by door basis
  • Wifi Survey
  • Opening Survey

One for each type of door

  • Configuration of system
  • Integration work

Getting everything communicating and working

Cost Model

  • Site Survey Cost = 4hrs
  • Door Survey Cost = .25 hrs/door
  • WiFi Survey Cost = 4 hrs
  • Opening Survey = 4 hrs
  • Configuration = .25 hrs/door
  • BluSKY Integration/Communication = 4hrs
  • 16hrs + 30 min/door

Support Model

  • Mandatory Support License for all ILR and WILR installations. Why?

Lock support

  • Firmware improvements – continuous improvement
  • Recertification of our product and integration with manufacturer

BluSKY Licenses

Multi-Family Reader License

  • Use only for multi-family installations – low usage both people and access
  • Need to add a new BluSKY license
  • Standard Reader License
  • Use for commercial installations

System Integrator Work

  • Wifi Study
  • Site Checklist – door by door
  • 10-15 pieces per lock for ordering
  • Long part number that describes the lock components

Wireless Lock Design – Allegion

Wireless Lock Design – ASSA ABLOY

  • DSR (Door Service Router)
  • In the Cloud
  • On a local Server
  • Local Server can be NUC
  • Wireless Lock Design – Salto

  • Sallis – Mercury Integration
  • Virtual Lock
  • API


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