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Visitor Digital Credentials


BluB0X needs to provide a means to send a credential to a visitor that can be presented upon arrival to allow then access to the facility using QRcodes, Bard Code, XXX.


Engineering Tasks:

  • Add to Visitor Request Config:
    • Used Digital Credential XXX (XXX= QA Code, Bar Code…)
  • Need to create a notification (Communication) type for Visitor, Vendor, Employee one day
  • Add Digital Credential to Visitor Request
    • Need to select credential type: Card, QR Code, Bar Code…
    • Add ability to resend credentials.
  • Create codes:
    • Auto generate a card
    • Generate code for card number for credential type selected.
  • Must send notification
    • Notification types: email, txt, SMS…
    • Must have contact information for type of notification being used. Ex. Email address, phone number
    • Add credential to notification.
  • Visitor Admissions.
    • Need to print digital credential equivalent. (QR Code, Bar code)
    • Need to ability to resent credentials for instance.


How to handle multi-day single credential per day.

  • Send all credentials at once.
  • Send next day's credential?
  • Do we modify the start and end date of the card.  Possibly a security hole if the card is printed and lost.




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