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Mobile Credentials



As a credential company we need to support all Mobile credential paradigms.  We will provide HID cards and mobile credentials.  All other credentials we create.

  1. Badge – Paper or Plastic (BB)
  2. Mag Stripe (Any)
  3. Badge Barcode/QR code (BB)
  4. PIN (BB)
  5. Prox Card – 125 KHz & 13.56 MHz (HID, Allegion, etc.)
  6. MiFARE (BB)
  7. Smartphone Bluetooth - One Time & Subscription (HID)
  8. Smartphone Virtual/BluREMOTE (BB)
  9. Smartphone Digital Barcode/QR Code (BB)
  10. Name (BB)
  11. Face (BB)
  12. Voice (BB)


This spec will focus on #7 "Smartphone Bluetooth - One Time subscription", specifically HID's implementation.  Where HID produces a Bluetooth security key which enables the smart phone to transmit a credential to a reader.


User experience:

  1. User downloads HID mobile app to their device.  BluB0X will re-brand the HID's application.
  2. User download the credential for specific readers.
  3. To use the credential the user would twist, tap, or hold in proximity to a reader.  Cellphone will negotiate with the reader using the mobile key and card number.


Development Tasks:

  1. Understand how a Mobile key expires so that we can re-deploy and track keys.
    1. How to manage "pools" of keys.  Perm vs. Temp vs. Spike,
    2. Does HID have a web API for key management?


  1. Rebrand HID Mobile Key Application
    1. Need to work with HID on this process.
    2. Need to deploy in Android Market place (Google play), and Apples AppStore, Itunes
  2. Need to generate credentials for employees (Permanent) and visitors (temporary)
  3. Need to distribute credentials to user
    1. Create Website page in BluSKY to facility downloading credentials to the users device.
  4. Process to update reader firmware to support our Mobile reader key for readers not purchased through BluB0X.
  5. Need Operations process to update readers to support our Mobile reader key.  Documentation task.
  6. Need to report on key usage.  Goes to billing to HID as well as our customers.
  7. Need a table to track which keys are purchased from HID, which are deployed to customers like card assignment, which are available.
  8. Need update tools to test assignment of keys. Think simulated swipes.
  9. Uploaded new keys to BluSKY, similar to uploading cards
  10. Expand permission for cards to include all credential ids…  Need to rename card permissions to Manage Credentials.
  11. Change Person->Cards to Person->Credentials
    1. What kind of credential are you going to assign?
    2. Need to think how other credential should be implemented.  (ex. PIN, PR)
    3. Need to create a card in the background to attach credential to sync to Mercury.  Please expose card number for debugging purposes.
  12. Need to update Services (Mercury, ASA Abloy..) to send card holder ID associated with the Mobile Key.
  13. Need to create a mobile Scard type for BluSKY Bluetooth Mobile Key assignment.



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