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VPN / Remote Management Gateway

The VPN / Remote Management Gateway is a BluSKY Subscription License that provides a secure, easy and cost effective way to remotely manage and monitor security devices on a network. It provides a method of connecting to network devices using a browser without having to open up firewalls or run dedicated software. With one click you are managing your security devices – regardless of the network they are connected to. It is the most secure way to provide remote management of devices that sit behind a customer’s firewall.

A higher level VPN / Network / Remote Management Gateway BluSKY Subscription License is also available for monitoring the network itself to help isolate network related issues especially detrimental to IP camera and NVR installations.

The VPN / Remote Management Gateway is required for solutions that include BluB0X Video Management Integration, Destination Dispatch Elevators or Person Readers.

The VPN / Remote Management Gateway is recommended for solutions that include local servers, PCs and other network devices that require software upgrades and remote maintenance. 


Check out the datasheet here.

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