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Typical Systems

Typical Systems

System Revenue Range Revenue Equipment Description
Small $0 – 25K $10 K $5 K Small office, retail store, telecommunication site
Medium $25 – 100K $50 K $25 K Corporate space, banking center, small commercial building, healthcare facility, gym
Large $100 – 500K $500 K $250 K Commercial office building, factory, school, hotel, residential high rise, data center
Very Large $0.5 – 3M $2 M $1 M Very large commercial office building, hospital, school district, airport, stadium
Enterprise $3 – 20M $10 M $5 M Companies with multiple sites and operations
Global $20 – 100M $50 M $25 M US or foreign multinationals with operations throughout the world
  • Typical systems are used throughout the presentation to provide real and concrete financial examples.

  • We use only one revenue and equipment number for each size system for simplicity.

  • In practice each size system falls into a revenue range and therefore has a range of results.

  • Assumption Used: Equipment and software account for 50% of the revenue of an installed system.



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