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The Timing - Explained



Since the 70’s, the Security Industry experienced fundamental shifts in underlying technologies roughly every 15 years, in step with the evolution of computing technology.

The mainframe computing of the 70’s gave way to Client-Server and Ethernet architecture in 80’s and 90’s, and to Data Centers and Internet in the first decade of 2000.  During the same timeframe, software went from DOS and Basic, to C-Programming, then to Windows and .NET. Security credentials went from mag stripe, to Wiegand and then to Prox cards. Video evolved from the Video Cassette Recorder, to the Digital Video Recorder and then to the Network Video Recorder. And that is where the technology sits today in the security industry.

However, the security industry is 10 years behind the way people do business today in most other industries. The smartphone is the device of choice, not the desktop computer. The Cloud is the provider of information, not the server sitting in the IT Room. And everything is delivered as-a-service on any device, anywhere at any time.

So, the Security industry should have evolved to Cloud and Wireless, mobile devices should be replacing laptops, and people should be using browsers on the Web, and running Unified applications.  Credentials should be evolving to biometrics, the Network Video Recorder to Video-as-a-Service and the entire industry should be moving to a Security-as-a-Service business model.   

But this has not happened yet: And this is ‘The Gap” in the security industry, and “The Opportunity” for BluBØX…

Bridging the gap is challenging and requires fundamental shifts in technology, a complete re-write of the security software offerings, new equipment to support them, and a new way of offering the product to the clients and then supporting it. 

Customers will demand – in fact, are already demanding – that the Gap be filled. Industry conferences and consultants are full of buzz on how to do it. But cost, time, lack of experience and know-how plus the desire to preserve the installed base have created a huge bottleneck and delayed the progress that customers require.  This has provided BluBØX with an estimated 3-year head start over the competition.

BluBØX’s opportunity and mission is to bridge the gap now, before anyone else, and provide the leading cloud-based, mobile-first, as-a-service solution, and thereby change the industry. 

BluBØX has everything working in its favor to be successful:

  • A gap in the market that needs to be filled
  • End user demand for security products that fit the way we live and work
  • The technology and a product offering that meets market needs for the next 15 years
  • A substantial head start over the competition with the product and business model
  • A high barrier to entry for the competition and BluBØX’s increasing product velocity
  • And a team that has already developed and brought a similar product and service to the security market

It is for these reasons that we say the market timing for BluBØX and its products and services is exactly right.

This concludes our review of BluBØX’s timing to market.  You can select an additional topic in the playlist.


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