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The Products


  • Market Disruptors

  • Based on the combination of 6 key growth technologies:

    • Cloud + Mobile + Biometric + Unified + Open + Smart

  • Built using “Best in Class” technologies

    • Microsoft - Intel – HID – Mercury – Milestone - LifeSafety Power

  • Highly differentiated in the marketplace

  • Scale to serve SMB and Enterprise customers across most verticals

  • Delivered in any combination of "one-time” and “as-a-service” purchases 


BluBØX’s award-winning products are truly market disruptors.

They are based on the combination of six key industry growth technologies: Cloud, Mobile, Biometric, Unified, Open and Smart.

They are built using best in class technologies.

And are highly differentiated in the marketplace.

They scale to serve Small & Medium-sized Businesses and Enterprise customers across most verticals.

And can be delivered as any combination of one-time and as-a-service purchases.


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