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The Person Reader

The BluB0X Person_Reader_Hi_res.jpg
  • The Person Reader is a disruptive product

  • Multi-biometric, Multi-factor identification device

  • Uses any combination of appearance, voice, name, card, digital credential or PIN

  • Robust and accurate

  • Overcomes key marketplace obstacles

  • Available in three models: Screen, Keypad or Basic

  • Deeply integrated into BluSKY

  • More secure, convenient and versatile solution than just card readers and cards

  • Simple and natural to use

  • No enrollment required, all self-learning

  • Proof of presence photo for every entry attempt

  • Can also function as an intercom and video camera 

  • Basic Person Reader starts at $800



The Person Reader is BluBØX’s disruptive product entry into the reader and biometric space. 

It is impressive in the number of biometrics and factors it combines in a single reader. 

It is also unique because it addresses the key obstacles that have held biometrics back in the security space; 

  • Cost 
  • Enrollment 
  • Ease of use 
  • Health Concerns 
  • Database Integration 
  • Robustness and Accuracy 
  • and Privacy 

It comes in three models:  with a screen, with a keypad, or basic. They support low (125KHz) and high (13.56 MHz) frequency HID Prox, MiFARE CSN, and HID Bluetooth antennas to read cards or phone credentials, and 2-way audio for voice recognition and spoken messages.    

The Person Reader is a multi-biometric, multi-factor access device, meaning that it can identify a person based on a combination of their biometrics, card or Bluetooth presentation, voice recognition, or PIN entry. 

This makes the Person Reader both robust and accurate.     

It uses two biometrics that are provided freely every day; your face and your voice.  

It provides a more secure, convenient and versatile solution than card readers and cards.  With the Person Reader, YOU are the credential.   

Person Readers are simple and natural to use: Hands free - just look at it, be recognized, and be admitted.  There is no distinctive enrollment procedure.  It learns what you look like by your first arrival, and how you change over time. 

And it is versatile: it can snap a picture of every individual being granted or denied entry.   

It can also act as an intercom or a video camera.  

In terms of price, the basic reader starts at $800 allowing it to compete with much less capable readers. 

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