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The Person Reader

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  • All-In-One intelligent reader, intercom, camera and visitor entry device

  • Multi-biometric, multi-factor

  • Uses face, voice, name, card, Bluetooth, QR code, PIN and Cloud credential

  • Robust, fast and accurate

  • Available with a touch screen or keypad

  • Deeply integrated into BluSKY

  • More secure, convenient and versatile than just card readers and cards

  • Simple and natural to use

  • No enrollment required, all continuous self-learning

  • Proof of presence photo for every entry attempt

  • Starts at $1,400



The Person Reader is an All-in-One intelligent reader, intercom, camera and visitor entry device. It is available in two models, with a touchscreen or a mechanical keypad, and supports low and high frequency HID Prox, MiFARE CSN, HID Bluetooth, 2-way stereo audio and SIP communication. It has a 2-D 2 MP color camera and a 3-D IR depth camera.

As a multi-biometric, multi-factor intelligent reader it can identify a person based on their biometrics, name, card, Bluetooth credential, bar or QR code, PIN and Cloud Credential. This makes the Person Reader versatile, robust and accurate. It uses two biometrics, face, and voice, for more secure and convenient access. The Person Reader is simple, fast and natural to use. Just look at it, be recognized and admitted. Totally hands-free. There is also no distinctive enrollment procedure.  It learns what you look like by your first arrival, and how you change over time.

As an intercom, the Person Reader is a two-way audio/video communication device. It is SIP-based and can integrate with most intercom systems. It is deeply integrated with BluSKY's Cloud Station which enables the Person Reader to be answered from anywhere, on any device, as well as control the end devices from the same interface.

As a visitor entry device, the Person Reader can be used as a self-check-in visitor station at a door, gate, security desk, reception area or loading dock. Visitors can find their pre-registered record by name, bar or QR code. The Person Reader can read and assign credentials, take photos, and check in and announce visitors. It functions in both attended or unattended modes.

As a camera, the Person Reader can associate a photo or video with every entry attempt. Future versions will include video streaming to third-party video recorders and video and audio analytics.

In terms of price, the Person Reader starts at $1,400 allowing it to compete with much less capable identity and entry devices.