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Situational Awareness




  • Access summary situational awareness reports

  • Observe real-time situational awareness details

  • Simple descriptive text, numbers and visualizations

Data Info Knowledge Control


Awareness is two-fold. Internally, it allows the system to respond to the current situation as required. And externally, it supplies the user with an integrated situational summary, using textual and graphical descriptors of what is going on in the designated area of interest and at the requested level of detail. Ultimately an end user is interested in what is going on in and around their facility of interest – not the real-time details. Cameras, readers and alarms are just sensors that provide good measurements. Inundating users with countless video and event data streams is inefficient and impossible for people to process. Instead, we boil down all the data into information and knowledge using analytics. It is then packaged, formatted and distributed to either the internal or external user.

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