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Security Designed for Convenience

  • Cloud and Web Based

  • Video On Demand

  • True Mobile Security

  • A Better Guest Experience

  • Convenient Secure Access

  • Elevator / DDS Security

  • Unified Everywhere 

  • Less Administration / DIY

  • Open and Standard

  • Automated and Smart


The dramatic technology shift in the physical security market has resulted in better security and improved convenience for all. Secure and convenient access through any portal can now be biometric and hands-free with the BluBØX Person Reader or simply by using any credential that is convenient.

Guests can now self check-in at kiosks or be processed at a security desk in fewer than 20 seconds. Wait times are virtually eliminated because 80% of the guests are preregistered. When guests are issued temporary credentials, they seamlessly integrate into the BluBØX Security System, to get them to where they need to go. People travel securely and quickly through the facility due to deep integration with the destination dispatch or traditional elevator system. The entire facility, its occupants, and systems can be easily monitored and controlled in real-time from anywhere in the world, at any time, on any device and with any browser; no software needed.

All hardware is IP based, non-proprietary and industry standard. All major security functions are unified out-of the-BØX, require no application software, and run on any device through a simple web interface. BluBØX’s True Mobile Security ensures constant security connectivity, and the ability to be notified and respond immediately from anywhere.

The BluBØX Cloud hosted by Microsoft Azure provides hardware redundancy and high availability, back-up all security data and offers strong protection against cyber-attacks 24/7/365. The BluBØX Cloud also provides a high level of efficiency through distributed security administration where everyone can pre-register their guests and facility managers can administer their own employees, photo-IDs and security reports.

BluBØX Artificial Intelligence ties it all together by providing analytics, “Smart Building” integration and situational awareness that saves millions of dollars in recurring operational costs while providing a secure, convenient and comfortable environment for employees, vendors and guests. This is BluBØX: Security Re-Imagined.

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