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  • 15 Resellers recently enrolled, 20 more in the pipeline

  • Hiring 8 Regional Sales Managers

  • Resellers motivated by BluBØX’s product differentiation and Recurring Revenue model

  • Sales generate 2 revenue streams:

    • One Time Revenue from system hardware sales

    • Recurring Revenue from BluSKY licenses

  • Generous support to newly-engaged Resellers

  • Direct interaction with end-users to help “seed” Reseller territories

  • Sales through the PSA cooperative and other such organizations


BluBØX has recently enrolled 15 Resellers and has 20 more in the pipeline.

BluBØX will hire 8 Regional Sales Managers to continue building the channel.

Resellers are motivated by BluBØX’s differentiated products and services, and the opportunity to generate Recurring Revenue.

BluBØX sales generate two revenue streams:

One-time Revenue - from the sale of system hardware and professional services, and

Recurring Revenue - from BluSKY subscription licenses.

Regional Sales Managers will extend generous support to newly-engaged Resellers.

BluBØX will interact directly with end-users to help “seed” the Resellers territories with referenceable accounts.

BluBØX will also sell through PSA, a buying cooperative of 150 leading Resellers, and other such organizations.


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