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Recipe for PSaaS Success


  • Lead with Comprehensive and Differentiated PSaaS
  • Sell All 7 Types of RR
  • Interlock RR
  • Sell Features and Benefits of P/SaaS
  • Maximize P/SaaS Licenses Sale
  • Leverage PSaaS greater Win Ration
  • Require System Support Up Front with PSaaS
  • Include Equipment Upgrade as an Option Up Front
  • Develop and Sell Managed Services/Licenses
  • Sell Supplies Using Supplies as a Service Methodology
  • Offer Digital Credentials
  • Include 3-4% Annual Increases Across All RR
  • Prepare Budge Sheets Annually for all Customers
  • Invoice RR for the Year in Advance in December


  • $0.25-$0.50/yr. per $1 Installed Equipment
  • High Quality / No Contract / Annual RR
  • Less than 1% Customer Attrition
  • 2x Company Growth
  • Margin 4 - 8x greater than One Time Revenue Margin
  • Greater Margin Over Time
  • 15 - 20x greater Company Valuation Company Value greater than 5x Annual Recurring Revenue