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  • Achieve “Frictionless” operations

  • Support Resellers with:

    • A Professional Services Group for assistance

    • 24/7 System Health Monitoring and Reporting

    • A comprehensive Knowledge Base

    • 24/7 Support – to diagnose system issues

    • Remote diagnostic tools

    • Integrated operations software

    • BluBUY: An online, e-commerce site for automated order processing


BluB0X has instituted many programs to achieve “frictionless operations”

A Professional Services group to assist with initial quotations, system design and large sales

A monitoring and reporting system to track and report on system health 24/7

A comprehensive online Knowledge Base that provides Do-It-Yourself training and self-learning tools

A 24x7 Support group to monitor BluSKY’s performance on-line, anticipate possible failures, and assist Resellers with diagnosing unusual problems

Always available remote diagnostic tools

An Integrated cloud-based software eco-system to produce accurate and timely business and financial information

And in the near future: an online e-commerce site for automated order processing


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