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The Perfect Storm of Opportunity

BluBØX is the perfect storm of opportunity created by five key marketplace drivers 
The Timing
  • Industry is poised to transition to new technologies and is at a tipping point
  • Industry has been slow to react to transitions
  • A large gap exists between what is available from the manufacturers and what is desired by the end- users
  • The gap needs to be filled: that’s the BluBØX mission.
The Team
The Team
  • Experienced Senior Management and Engineering team
  • The team has worked together for 20 years
  • Industry veterans with a great track record
  • 15 years experience with cloud and biometrics
  • 2nd time building a cloud solution
The Product
The Product
  • We created the products and services that fill the gap using the right technologies
  • The product is highly differentiated
  • The product and service offering is difficult to build by traditional manufacturers
  • We are 3-5 years ahead of the competition
The IP
The IP
  • We protected what we invented with Patents (Pending)
  • We created high barrier to entry products that are difficult to replicate
  • We created products that are in high demand by the industry and are game changers
  • For others, it will be cheaper, faster and less risky to license than to create and prolong time to market
  • We created a licensing opportunity that is protected by patents
Recurrign revenue
The Recurring Revenue
  • Competition and commoditization continues to force product margins lower
  • High margin recurring revenue is in high demand within the industry
  • Our product and services produce high margin recurring revenue



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