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The BluBØX System Integrator Difference

Product Differentiation
P/SaaS & Recurring Revenue
More Effective Sales and
Faster Installation and
Easier to Learn and Use
Better and Faster Support
and Maintenance


Differentiating Factor #1: Cloud 1st

POINT #1: Means that BluBØX’s mindset is focused on the use of the Cloud to provide the product’s functionality.

Premises: Because of the immense benefits of the Cloud-based architecture

YOU CAN: (six points):

Do more:

  • You have all the Microsoft Azure Benefits
    • Redundant Data Centers
    • Unlimited scalability of data capacity and computing power
    • Strongest defenses against hacking
    • Automatic Back-Ups of your data
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Continuous monitoring of the environment and immediate responses.
    • Sites physically guarded and biometrically protected. 
    • Service is available 24x7 - 365 days a year
    • Better platform for collaboration

Own less of everything.

  • No onsite servers, PCs, storage or software
  • Lower initial cost
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Less maintenance and fewer headaches

Secure your data.

  • Strong password and biometric protections
  • 256 bit encryption to the core
  • offsite and off-network data storage
  • SAS 70 redundant data centers
  • Continuous monitoring, assessment and response

Get better software.

  • Major releases more often (Quarterly = 4 times more than competitors). Automatically.

Release notes ahead of release…

  • Bug fixes any time = faster resolution of issues, faster support
  • Everyone always uses the same version of software: the one in the cloud.
  • Upgrades are automatic and seamless

Protect yourself against disaster.

  • SAS 70 certified data centers
  • Full server and storage redundancy and high availability
  • Automatic backups
  • Built in disaster recovery
  • Better data protection

Operate more efficiently.

  • Because you can share and manage your cloud-based data from anywhere, and
  • Because you can partition people’s access to the central databases


  • Manage many facilities from anywhere, with any device at any time
  • Aggregate situational awareness and collaborate across facilities
  • Allow tenants to manage their own data and reports
  • Automate delivery of notifications, analytics and smart reporting
  • Minimize visitor lines with preauthorized visitors
  • Automate delivery of notifications, analytics and smart reporting


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