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Standard 5-Point Communication and Notification

Out-of-the-BØX Communications
Onscreen Anywhere
Central Station


5 methods!

  1. ALL BluSKY communications methods are out-of-the-box
    • Possible because of unification and Cloud-based
  2. It is a multi-prong communications method:
    • (I don’t know where you are, but I will communicate in such a way that you will get the communication in a timely manner).
    • Nothing extra to configure
  3. Competitors must set-up an SMS and SMTP server for messaging
  4. BluSKY applications (VMS, People database) make full use of messaging without further cost.    (except for alarms)
  5. Information is displayed On-Screen (like the others), but also EVERWHERE.

Timely and targeted notifications are key to effective communication

  • Distribution List Management: (create lists, specify associated schedules)
  • Notification Management: (create, edit & store notification content)
  • Escalation: rules that specify escalation if a response is not received in a certain timeframe.
  • Broadcasting: notify large number of people in one blast.   Possible but not currently supported
  • We are partnered with a bulk-messaging provider.
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