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Channel and Licensing Strategy – 4 Prong Approach

1. BluBØX through Reseller Channel (Integrators)

  • Traditional integrator and alarm dealer channel
  • SMB to Enterprise solution
  • 250 – 300 integrators nationally
  • Market direct to end users to create demand in the channel
  • Market A&E specs to consultants and get specified or approved equal

2. BluBØX to Very Large Enterprise

  • Market direct to large, sophisticated end users
  • Establish position as an enterprise class solution
  • Special projects

3. BluBØX Licensing to Manufacturers

  • License and private label BluBØX products and services to manufacturers that are interested in providing a unified Cloud solution as part of their offering
  • Focused on legacy client-server Video, Access Control and Alarm companies and Mercury partners

4. BluBØX through BluBUY E-Commerce & Distribution

  • Low cost no panel/light panel BluSKY to wireless locks, no NVR video and SMS/Email alarm notification solutions
  • Small systems
  • Residential and small business
    DIY market
  • Special distribution and partnership situations
  • Internet sales via BluBUY e-commerce website



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