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BluSKY Software


  • Works with any browser on any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Hosted and protected in Microsoft Azure
  • No client software or apps to install and manage
  • Real time control, status and events from everywhere
  • On demand applications and unlimited simultaneous users
  • Billed monthly in arrears and only for what is used
  • Unlimited scalability from one device to tens of thousands
  • Superior cross-system, multi-site, partitioned architecture
  • One unified database, user experience and events clock
  • Automatic software upgrades and open restful API
BluSKY License Price Basis
Platform per Person, per Facility
Photo-ID per Person, per Facility
Card Reader per Card Reader
Person Reader per Person Reader
Biometric Reader per Biometric Reader
Alarm per Facility
Camera per Camera
Visitor per Person, per Facility
Visitor Credential/Photo per Person, per Facility
Destination Dispatch per DDE System
Notification per Facility
System Health per Facility
Power Management per Power Controller
Analytics per Module, per Facility
Situational Awareness per Facility
Data Feed per System, per Feed
B2B VPN per System
SSO per System
TLS per System



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