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BluSKY Overview

Physical Security Hosted In Microsoft Cloud


BluBØX’s Cloud architecture makes anything possible. With unlimited computing power, storage and scalability – BluBØX Cloud provided more advanced capabilities than any other traditional system.

Physical Security for a / CLOUD / World
BluSKY Overview


BluSKY is a comprehensive and fully unified solution for Physical Security:

  • It resides entirely in the Cloud.  
  • It manages access to the premises, and monitors it in real time from a cell phone or any other device: want a message telling you somebody has arrived, or a door is held open: no problem. Want a video clip of the event.  Its there, right on you smartphone.  Need to lock or unlock a door remotely: you can do it from your phone.  Need to view a camera in real time. 
  • It manages alarm conditions.  You can be notified, you can respond, you can view the alarm’s conditions, you have all the control that normally resides in a monitoring center… again any time, anywhere, on any device.
  • It includes video surveillance. You can be notified under specified conditions, and run investigations. 
  • It provides best-in-class visitor management, in a fully integrated and unified way.  Invite visitors from your mobile device and provide credentials that give them access to any of the property’s readers, not just the turnstiles.
  • BluSKY also supports the 5 major destination dispatch elevator systems (DDE).  It is already promoted in the industry as the preferred such solution.
  • And, of course, it supports Biometrics, and in particular, BluBØX’s Person Reader, in a fully integrated way.
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