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Hardware as a Service (HaaS) Option

It is a simple idea but has high returns:

The client pre-pays for the periodic upgrading of the system hardware components. Why?

Capital equipment and technology purchases are a bad investment for end-users. Technology becomes obsolete soon after its purchase; it doesn’t improve over time and needs to be replaced sometimes within 3 years.

Creates a purely “as a service” offering for security system customers.


The Upside of HaaS

  • Replaces capital expense with an operating expense

  • No minimum commitment

  • The client can return, upgrade or downgrade at any time

  • Installed equipment can be purchased at any time

  • HaaS provides flexibility and scalability without a financial commitment

  • Includes system lifecycle management

  • Includes hardware support and automatic replacement of any failed equipment

  • Newly installed components are of the latest technology



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