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General Investment Info


  • Seeking $2 Million at $25.00 per share
  • 8.7% Ownership – Post investment
  • 16 x Investment in 4 years


  • Developing 2 disruptive and unique products:
    • BluSKY: a cloud, mobile, AI-based physical security software platform
    • Person Reader: a biometric entry device
  • 2 patents pending and dozens of trade secrets


  • Physical Security is an $8 Billion industry
  • Includes residential, government and small, medium, and enterprise-level customers
  • Mature and growing at 9% per year
  • Increasing in importance, but failing to keep up with technology
  • BluBØX’s initial focus is SMB and enterprise customers


  • One-time hardware revenue and subscription-based recurring revenue
  • Sold through a network of System Integrators
  • Early acceptance of products in marketplace:
  • 30 Installations
  • 800 Connected devices
  • 850 Served companies
  • 17,000 Users
  • 8,000 Visitors/mo

The Company

  • Founded in 2013
  • 27 Contributors – all of them shareholders
  • 75% of the team is from a formerly owned company
  • 12 yrs. experience with similar products in same industry


  • Company’s early entry into the marketplace – 12/2016
    • $650K One-time orders received
    • $100k Annualized Recurring Revenue rate



BluBØX seeks to raise $2 Million Dollars at $25.00 per share

For 8.7% ownership on a fully diluted post-investment basis.

The investment is projected to be worth 16 x the original money at the end of the 4 year period.

Physical Security is an 8 billion dollar industry.

The market includes residential, government and small, medium, and enterprise-level customers across all industries.

It is mature and has been growing steadily at 9% per year.

Physical Security has significantly increased in importance, but as an industry, it has failed to keep up with advancing technology.

BluBØX’s initial focus is on the SMB and Enterprise-Level portions of the market

BluBØX was founded in 2013. 

Its 27 contributors are all highly motivated shareholders. 

75% of the team is from a former company

Where they gained 12 years experience with similar products and services in the same industry.

The past 3 years were spent developing two disruptive products.

BluSKY is a Cloud-based physical security software platform hosted in Microsoft Azure.  It provides the core security applications from any device, anywhere, at any time using just a browser. 

The Person Reader is a breakthrough access device that admits people using most forms of identity such as face, voice, card, smartphone or PIN.

The products are protected by two strong patents pending and several dozen trade secrets.

The products and services generate both one-time hardware revenue and subscription-based recurring revenue.

They are sold through a network of System Integrators  throughout the US. 

The products’ acceptance is demonstrated by 30 installations with 800 connected devices, serving 850 companies, 17,000 users, and 8,000 visitors per month.

In 2016, BluBØX expects to have reached $650K in one-time orders and annualized Recurring Revenue rate of $100K/year. 



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