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Video-as-a-Service Pricing Model

BluSKY License MSRP Use
NVR Integration License  $24 - $36 per camera per yr BluSKY NVR integration. Used in conjunction with Local and Cloud Camera Licenses. Provides bi-directional interface with Milestone XProtect Corporate/Expert.
Local and Cloud Camera License $90 - $180 per camera per yr Local camera recording and events sent to Cloud. Includes both BluSKY and Milestone camera license and support.
Local Camera License $72 - $108 per camera per yr For situations where customer only wants local Milestone VMS. Includes Milestone camera license and support.
Cloud Camera License  $48 - $96 per camera per yr For Situations Where Customer Already Owns Milestone Camera Licenses
Basic Video Analytics License $72 - $96 per camera per yr Tripwire, Object Left Behind, Object Removed, Crowd Forming, Crowd Dispersing, Panic
Advanced Video Analytics License $144 per camera per yr LPR, Container Recognition, Person, Vehicle and Boat Recognition
Custom Video Analytics License TBD Special Video Analytics Situations
Intelligence % of License AI, Automation, Notifications and Distribution Lists
System Health % of License 24/7 Active Monitoring of Platform, Database, Software, Hardware, Communication, Security, Power and Network
VPN and Network Monitoring $38 per mo Eliminates NAT and Port Forwarding, Provides Live Camera Viewing,  Provides Access to Local Video System for Remote Support from ADAWATAB


BluSKY™ Camera, NVR and Video Analytics software is sold as a subscription license instead of an up front purchase. It is an on demand, pay-as-you-go, pay only for what you use license model that provides a more competitive solution for system integrators while reducing the upfront and ongoing system cost for end users. BluSKY video-as-a-service is also more convenient. It eliminates the hassles of software versions and compatibility, camera licenses and transfers, user licenses and concurrent users that are typical of video surveillance systems. BluSKY™ camera licenses also includes Milestone Care+ and BluSKY support which provides for all future BluSKY and Milestone software upgrades. MSRP prices vary based upon the quantity of cameras. The greater the number of cameras, the lower the per unit cost. This is why BluSKY MSRP subscription license pricing is shown as a range.  

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