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BluSKY Video Overview

  • Video-as-a-Service Pricing Model

  • On Premises and Direct to Cloud (D2C) Architecture

  • Camera Configuration, VPN and Remote Support in the Cloud

  • Live and Recorded Video Viewing from Anywhere

  • Video Analytics-as-a-Service

  • AI Based Event Creation and Distribution

  • BluSKY-Milestone Integrated Interface

  • 6,000 Supported Cameras


Any existing or new Milestone XProtect™ Corporate or Expert system can easily be brought to the BluBØX™ Cloud with a BluSKY Milestone integration. Once the plug-in is installed on the Milestone network, video and video events can be seen on any device, anywhere at any time without having to install software or mobile apps. Video that was once limited to the local NVR and workstations can now be shared with an unlimited number of users simultaneously. Video sent to the BluBØX Cloud can be from live or recorded video, video events or video associated with analytics, access, alarm, visitor, intercom or operator events.

BluSKY not only brings video right to where you are but also unifies your security applications into one integrated system. All Web-Cloud based with one database, one time clock and one user interface available everywhere. BluSKY can run within the local Milestone interface or on any device with a browser and internet connection. Whether you are on site or on the go you can be notified and respond instantly with all the information you need being delivered right to your fingertips. Add AI through BluSKY Analytics and BluSKY Intelligence to create a smart system that proactively monitors and automatically adjusts system configuration and notifies the proper people when a security risk emerges.

BluSKY also makes installing and supporting a Milestone system a breeze because all cameras are configured in the Cloud. Every camera, from every system deployed, can be seen from anywhere on any device. Combined this with BluSKY Video Diagnostics and BluSKY VPN, and you can remotely support all systems without having to roll a truck.


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