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Prospective BluBØX Reseller Profile

Download here: Reseller Profile - Rev_6.xlsx


We have filled-in as much of this profile as we know.  We would like your profile to be as accurate as it can be in our files, but filling-in any of the information is optional.  However, the information on this profile will help us determine whether to accept your organization as a BluBØX Reseller and in what class:  We draw your attention to the BluBØX Early Adopter Class.  It is intended to form a durable early relationship between BluBØX and those Resellers who pledge a strong effort to project the BluBØX product into the market.  Only a limited number of applicants shall be accepted into the program.  Early Adopters shall receive BluBØX's highest discounts no matter what their annual commitment level and an enhanced level of support.  Once granted, the Early Adopter status shall remain valid until December 31st, 2016, and will be reviewed yearly thereafter.  

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