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Credit Application

Download here: Credit_Application - Rev_6.xlsx



The application is a protected Excel Spreadsheet that can be completed using Excel. 

You may also print and complete it by hand.  

Please fill-in the desired credit limit…   This should be in-line with the annual $ commitment you will be making.  Should not exceed 1/6th of the commitment.  

IMPORTANT: The application must be signed

    Print it, fill it out, sign it, scan it and return the scanned copy, OR
    Fill it out in Excel, turn it into a .pdf file, then use free Adobe Reader software to create a digital ID
When complete, please email the signed form to:  


The "Ø" in BluBØX is a Zero, not an O!  

What to Fill Out:   

New Resellers:  Please filll-out ALL fields – then please sign and date the document.         

Existing Resellers who need to change something: Please fill-out those fields that need to be changed AND your "Bill to Company Name" (so we know who you are)  – then please sign and date the document.    

Thank you for applying. You should hear from us within three (3) business days confirming receipt of your application.