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What to do when my card doesn't work


  1. Check the Time of Day - BluSKY 's access rights are exact down to the minute. This has lead to reports of a Card not working but they were just a minute or two early or late. 
  2. Verify Your Access Level - If you have Access Control Administration permissions, check your Access Level to make sure that you are using your credentials at the right time and at a valid Reader. If you cannot perform this check on your own, ask your Facility Admin. or Occupancy Admin. to check for you.
  3. Holiday Schedule - If there is a Holiday in your building, the Access Schedule associated with the Readers of the Access Level must have a Holiday schedule that allows you access . This happens often when different Occupancies celebrate different Holidays differently. For example, the coffee shop is likely to remain open on Memorial Day. If there is a Holiday for the Facility, the coffee shop's Access Levels would need a Holiday Access Schedule that allows them to have access during those times. 
  4. Obstructed Cards - Hopefully you have tried this already but make sure there is nothing in the way of the Card and the Reader. Some Readers have longer range than others. 
  5. Cards Not in System:
    • Card not Added - Sometimes an unregistered Card makes it into the hands of the user. If this occurs contact your Occupancy Administrator and they can register the Card and assign it to the intended owner. 
    • Controller out of Sync - If a Card has just been added to the System, the data may not have been pushed down to the Controllers making the decisions in the Facility. Generally, this type of issue works itself, if it is persistent contact the Facility Administrator.

The Real-time Event screen can be really helpful debugging these issues. 


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