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What Preliminary Information Should Be Provided to Resolve an Issue or Question Faster?


What preliminary information should be provided to resolve an issue or question faster?


In order to quickly resolve issues or questions the more details provided to your integrator on initial contact is critical.  It is very important to contact your integrator first. They will work with BluBØX if they need any assistance. The integrator is most intimately knowledgeable about how your system was configured and what training as already been provided. 

Key details to provide:

  • Provide your Name, email address, and the name of your company.
  • Provide the location where the problem is occurring.
  • Provide the System, Facility, and Occupancy that is experiencing an issue or has a question.
  • Which BluSKY user is having this issue or question, their name and email address in BluSKY is very helpful.
  • What is the time and date of the issue being submitted.
  • Any details on how to reproduce the issue.
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