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How experienced is BluB0X in the security industry?


How experienced is BluB0X in the security industry?


BluB0X's fifteen years of experience are without parallel in the security industry, headed by a senior management team that introduced and marketed the industry's first successful cloud-based security system- OneFacility by Touchcom - in 2000. The company's Cloud- domain experience is also unmatched in the industry. BluB0X follows Touchcom's strategy but with the latest technology and features, extending its product reach from small systems to the largest enterprise security systems. The teams' experience as both a manufacturer and integrator ensures a deep understanding of the practical needs of Integrators, Consultants and End Users.  To augment this rich heritage, BluBØX attracted the best research and engineering team that is tasked with developing advanced detection, classification, and recognition systems for our Person Reader - a disruptive biometric solution that is an integral piece of the total BluB0X spectrum of offerings.  

Please read About BluB0X for detailed information about the company's industry experience.