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Power Module List View



Power Modules are smart devices that are able to communicate their status and be controlled by a Power Controller. Together with BluSKY they provide an unparalleled level of remote support and control. This reference article provides insight into the meaning behind all of the Power Modules associated fields.

Power Module List Definitions

Name Description
Number This field indicates which channel or port is being used to communicate from the Power Controller to the Power Module.
Name  The name sued to identify the Power Module.
Deleted If checked, entry is deleted from BluSKY.
Power Controller The name of the Power Controller that manages the Power Module.
Power Module Type This field identifies the type of the Power Module.
Date Inserted The date this entry was added to BluSky.
Inserted By The name of the login who created this entry in BluSKY.
Date Updated The date this entry was last updated.
Updated By Who make the last update to this entry.
Date Deleted The date this entry was disabled or deleted from BluSky.
Deleted By Name of person who disabled this entry.

Power Module Setup Actions


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