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Create an Output



Outputs allow the access control system to influence the physical world. This article details the steps needed to create a new Output in BluSKY.


  1. Navigate to Outputs. Main Menu-> Setup-> System Setup-> Output
  2. Use the  icon on the lower left side to create a new Output.
  3. Pick the Controller that will be used to manage the Output.
  4. Then select the SIO Board the Output is attached to.
    • Note: In some cases, the SIO Board and Controller will be the same.
  5. Next, choose a Name for the Output.
    • Note: Using good names can make the process of servicing and debugging much easier.
  6. Select the Output Number that corresponds with Output. 
    • Note: This is the number that corresponds with which connection is used on the board.
  7. Click on either the Relay Energized or the Relay De-Energized button for the Online Output Mode. This will determine how the Output should behave during normal operation.
    • Ex. A magnetic lock would "Relay De-Energized" to cause the magnet to become inactive and release the door. 
  8. Click on either No Change, Relay Energized or Relay De-Energized button to set the Offline Output Mode. This will determine how the Output behaves when it is unable to communicate with the Controller and is unable to verify credentials.
  9. Select the type of the Output from the Output Type drop-down menu. 
  10. Confirm the entry with the saveBtn.png button, alternatively, we provide a SaveAndNew.png button to move onto the next entry quickly.

Create Output

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