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Create a Card



Cards are one of the ways BluSKY is able identify a Person. In this article we detail the steps needed to create a new Card in BluSKY.

Creating single Cards at a time is easy but there is a method for creating multiple Cards at once through the Card Upload option. Our guide on Card Uploads can be found here.


  1. Log in and navigate to Cards. Main Menu-> Setup-> System Setup-> Cards
  2. Use the  icon in the lower left side to create a new Card.

Create a Card

  1. First, select the proper Card Type from the drop down menu.
  2. Next, select the System the Card will be a part.
  3. Enter the Internal Card Number.
    • Note: This is the number on the Card.
  4. Enter the External Card Number.
    • NoteThis is the encoded number for the Card.
  5. Enter the Facility Code. This code comes from the card manufacturer. 
  6. If the Card will be reused enter an Issue Code to track the reissuance of the card.
  7. When finished use the shortCreateBtn.png button to finish.
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