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Create a Card Upload



Card Uploads are a method of adding multiple concurrent cards to an access control system all at once. This how-to will cover how to load a list of access cards into the BluSKY access control system using a CSV file.


  1. Create a .csv file in the format for the type of card requested.
    • For additional information about the format of the CSV file see below.
  2. Navigate to Card Uploads. Main Menu-> Setup-> System Setup-> Card Uploads
  3. Use the  icon in the lower left side to create a new Card Upload.

Create Card Upload

  1. Fill in the System using the drop down menu.
  2. Optional: Specify an Occupant.
    • Note: If an Occupant is specified the cards will only be available to that Occupant.
  3. For Cards that use a Facility Code, enter in the Facility Code text field.
  4. Select the Card Type of the upload.
    • Optional: Add a comment about the Card Upload.
  5. Select the .csv file to be updated using the photoFileButton.png button.
  6. When finished use the shortCreateBtn.png button to finish.


Example CSV for card of type "26-bit card with Facility Code"

Note:  First row must contain the column header names

Plain Text Version

Ext #,Int#,Serial #


Excel Version - Make sure to save as an .csv

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 11.09.13 AM.png



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