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Badge Design


Badge Design
BluSKY allows for the create new Badge Designs that can be used to help identify a person. The Badge Template creator uses an SVG editor to create a template easily and provides fields that will automatically be updated for the person receiving the printed Card.

 Information:  The title of many of our pages has changed. Please excuse our appearance and any mistakes while we are working hard to make all of the necessary changes. See our article on all of the Menu Name Changes for the complete list.

 Information: Please use Chrome, Safari or Firefox if you wish to edit or create a Badge Design. Microsoft Edge's unusual behavior while working with SVG images has forced us to disable the editing and creation of Badge Templates until such time as Microsoft has addressed their inserting additional parameters into the SVG code during save.

Search Criteria

Name Description
Search Text This field is used to limit the number of rows listed in the list box below. To use simply type a string of characters or words. Please note you will only see those items you have the permission and access rights for. It is a good idea to search first, even when you are creating a new entry.
View View will bring you to the view screen. Use this to look up information on existing entities and access Audit Info.
Submit This button performs a search based on the criteria selected in the filter.
Reset This button clears all fields in order to start a new search.

List Definitions

Name Description
Name The name given to the Badge Design.
Template XML This is the XML associated with the Badge Template
Deleted If checked, entry is deleted from BluSKY.
AC System Name of the access control system.
Company Name of the Company.
Date Inserted The date this entry was added to BluSky.
Inserted By The name of the login who created this entry in BluSKY.
Date Updated The date this entry was last updated.
Updated By Who make the last update to this entry.
Date Deleted The date this entry was disabled or deleted from BluSky.
Deleted By Name of person who disabled this entry.

Badge Design Setup Actions

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