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Examples of Common Schedules



It is incredibly important to input Schedules correctly. This guide gives examples of commonly used Schedules and discusses some of the ways to modify them to suit your purpose.

Device Schedules

Device Schedules determine when a device should remain locked. Device schedules are likely to describe hours when the facility is closed or portals that should remain locked.

Work Hours: The Facility will be open from 8:00 to 16:00(6pm), Monday - Friday.

Notice that on Saturday, Sunday and any Holiday the Device will remain active. This Schedule is used on a front door of an office building. You will also notice that the Holiday device schedule is defined to keep the building closed during holidays.

Locked 24/7: This Device Schedule will keep the device permanently active, unless someone provides valid entry credentials. Remember that Access Schedules supersede Device Schedules. Do not worry about the 1 minute gap, the device is not deactivated.

Access Schedules

Access Schedules are used together with Access Levels to determine an individual's access to Portals or Floor Stops.

Full Access: This is Access Schedule would be used to grant someone uninterrupted access to a Portal or Floor Stop. This schedule would suit anyone that may need entry at sporatic  times of the day, such as a facility manager or IT professional. 

Business Hours: This Access Schedule will allow a Person usage of the Portal or Floor Stop during normal business hours. This schedule would allow a person to use a Portal only during work hours.


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