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Edit a Person's Photo



People are subjects that utilize the access control system on a regular basis. This article details how to Add/Edit a Person's Photo in BluSKY.

General Tips

Below are some general guidelines for taking good photos for security badging. If you are unsure of additional requirements, consult your manager.

  • Single Person
  • About 3ft (1M) away from background
  • 6:5 aspect ratio (standard size is 220px by 200px), in the jpeg format.
  • Background, plain white or off-white
  • Avoid light sources that cast shadows
  • No flash or camera effects
  • Min. 2 megapixel camera
  • Face directly at camera
  • Head centered in frame

Edit a Person's Photo

Camera not working? - Check out this article, Webcam.js Error: Could not access webcam

  1. Log in and navigate to People. Main Menu-> Administration-> People
  2. Use the search criteria feature, then select the entry you wish to edit from the list.
  3. Use the  editButtonNoText.png icon in the lower left hand side.
    • Note: If the edit button is not available ensure that only one entry has been highlighted.
  4. Use the tab at the top to select Person's Photos.
  5. If the Person already has a Photo you can select it, then use the personDefaultBtn.png button make it the new default.
  6. If you need to upload or take a new photo, use the toggle buttons to select the appropriate source of the photo. The photo used must be in the jpeg format.
    • Upload Via File: Use the photoFileButton.png button to open your local directory. Select the photo; press open. Use the button to add the photo to BluSKY.
    • Upload Via Camera: You may see a warning that the site is attempting to access the camera. Use the cameraBtn.png button to take the photo. If the Photo is acceptable, use the photoSaveBtn.png button to save and upload. To retake the photo use the photoRetakeBtn.png button.
  7. The changes are immediate and there is no need to hit Save.
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