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Create a Distribution List



Distribution Lists are collections of contacts. It provides an easy way to manage and send e-mails or SMS messages to a group of people. This article provides detailed instruction on how to create a new Distribution List.


  1. Log in and navigate to Distribution Lists. Main Menu-> Administration-> Distribution List
  2. Click the  button, located on the bottom left hand side.


  1. Enter a name for the Distribution List in the name field.
  2. Select the owner of the Distribution List. Then select the individual System, System Group, Facility, Person or Company that will have access to the Distribution List. 
    • Note: This field will determine who has access to the Distribution List.
  3. Click the shortCreateBtn.png button to create the Distribution List. The page will refresh with the created Distribution List and present you with options to add People and group to the list. 


  1. Use the Plus Sign.png button to select the different groups of people to notify.
    1. Plus Sign.png Add System - If selected you are able to add an entire System to the list.
    2. Plus Sign.png Add System Group - Adding a System Group add all of the People of the System Group selected to the Distribution List.
    3. Plus Sign.png Add Ad Hocs - This option allows you to create a Person to be notified with only a name and email address. This is the only way to notify someone that is not entered into BluSKY.
    4. Plus Sign.png Add Locations - This option is still being developed and should be available soon.
    5. Plus Sign.png Add Facilities - This option allows you to add an Facility to a Distribution List. Once added, any associated with the Facility will be part of the Distribution List. This option can be particularly useful when administrating a large multi-facility campus System.
    6. Plus Sign.png Add People - This add one or more People to the Distribution List. 
    7. Plus Sign.png Add BluSKY Actors - Use this option to add "Actors".  Actors are used when you do not know who the person will be at time you create the DL, but BluSKY will know when the DL is used.  Ex.  A guest or host for visitor management.
      • Visitor Guest - The guest in a visitor request
      • Visitor Host - The host in the visitor request
      • Account Owner - The BluSKY person with an email address.  This useful for sending an email to a user when their BluSKY login has been changed.
    8. Plus Sign.png Add Permissions - If a Permission is selected, the Distribution List will add all of the People that have the selected Permission to the Distribution List. Please bare in mind that the selection will be limited by the choice of Owner.
    9. Plus Sign.png Add Roles - If a Role is selected everyone that is assigned said Role will be part of the Distribution List. 
  2. Click the saveBtn.png button to commit your changes.


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