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Access Level or Access Level Group


It all comes down to options. BluBØX has designed and built a system that can go anywhere and do anything. That being said, your needs may be different than that we describe here but don't worry this is just one way of many that you can use BluSKY.

Access Levels and Access Level Groups serve almost the same functionality, so why did we add them? Well, we wanted to provide a way to separate the access being granted by the Access Level and the description of the people using them. So rather than having an Access Level named, IT, we are recommending that you create Access Levels that describe where access will be granted and then combine the access rights together in an Access Level Group for assignment. This separation of where and who has access leads to a much easier to manage system. 

For example think of a building that has a main entrance, a south wing and a north wing, each of these will be an Access Level. Now we can of course assign each person the one to three Access Levels they need to do there job but in systems that have complex access schemes it can pretty complicated to manage. With the addition of Access Level Groups, I have the Access Levels describe what they access and have the Access Level Groups describe who is using them. So the Sales team that needs the North and Main Entrances now have an Access Level Group that indicated what "Sales" people should have for access rights.

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