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LifeSafety Power C4/C8 C4P/C8P

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4 or 8 Output, Relay Based Lock Control Module Fused (C4, C8) or Class 2 Power Limited (C4P, C8P)

The FlexPower C4, C8 lock controller modules add either 4 or 8 lock control outputs to a FlexPower power supply and are typically supplied as part of a system or purchased as an expansion piece to an existing system.

Each module provides either 4 or 8 access control inputs capable of voltage or dry contact activation. Each module provides either 4 or 8 lock outputs, each one programmable for fail-safe, fail-secure, dry contact, and fire alarm override for egress lock control. Each lock output is also programmable to either of the two voltages available when used in a FlexPower dual voltage power system. Each output is supervised for voltage and/or blown fuse with the fault reported to the host power supply.

Agency Listings/Standards
Product listed for use in LifeSafety Power equipment

USA: UL 294, UL 603, UL 864, UL 1076, UL 1481, UL 2044, UL 2572, FCC Part 15, Subpart B CSFM Approved Canada: ULC S318, ULC S319, ULC S527, CSA C22.2#107.1, CSA 22.2 #60950

Electrical Ratings

Parameter Rating
Lock Outputs 4 / 8
Access Control Inputs 4 / 8
Input Voltage 12 and/or 24 VDC
Input Current 20 Amps
Output Voltage (Jumper Select) 12/24 VDC
Output Current C4/C8 Fused at 3A per output
Output Current C4P/C8P Class II at 2.5A per output
Fire Alarm Interface Per Output
Supports follow on modules Yes
 C4/C8 C4P/C8P



  1. Multiple outputs for direct lock control and additional accessory power distribution modules
  2. Colored coded by function configuration jumpers for ease of programming
  3. Configurable fail-safe, fail-secure, and dry contact modes of operation
  4. Fire Alarm Interface (FAI) when used with an FPO power supply
  5. Fault detection and reporting to host power supply
  6. FlexConnect® Dual Buss Architecture

Output Protection

  1. C4/C8 ATM style fuse: 3A/per output
  2. C4P/C8P Solid state circuit breaker: 2.5A/per output

Visual Indicators

  1. DC voltage per output (green LED)
  2. Fault (yellow LED)


  1. Multiple modules can be daisy chained to add additional outputs
  2. Snap-in style mounting standoffs with fast-on connect cables for easy field installation

Standard Features

One single switch for configuring the output between 12 and 24VDC eliminates field errors and allows for the reduction and simplification of service inventory by eliminating the necessity of stocking units in each voltage.

Power supply and accessory board interconnection system uses common mounting footprints, predrilled mounting holes, snap-in standoffs, pluggable wires, and a dual buss distribution architecture to simplify installation and service.

FPO power supplies are fully fault protected and feature fiberglass printed circuit boards to protect the electronics from water and other corrosive elements found in industrial settings. High efficiency design promotes low heat generation leading to longer service life.

FlexPower systems are RoHs compliant, lead-free, and meet the latest state, federal and European requirements for energy efficiency.

This module is typically part of an existing system or purchased to expand an existing system.

This module may also be used to add lock control features to an existing system that currently does not feature these functions.

This module may be added to any existing FlexPower system without restrictive agency listing issues.

D8P Module Programming

Each input may be programmed to respond to:

  1. Application of voltage between 9 and 33VDC
  2. Removal of voltage between 9 and 33VDC
  3. Normally open dry contact transition
  4. Normally closed dry contact transition

Detected Fault Conditions

  1. Voltage output from power supply one
  2. Voltage output from power supply two
  3. Fail-safe
  4. Fail-secure
  5. Normally open dry contact
  6. Normally closed dry contact
  7. Fire alarm interface for egress lock control

Jumper Programming

Ordering Information:

MFG Part # BluBØX Order # Description
C4 670-1800 LSP Relay Power Controller C4 4 Zone 3A Fused
C4P 670-1810 LSP Relay Power Controller C4P 4 Zone 2.5A PL
Mechanical Information Size: 4” x 2.5” x 1.5” Weight: .50 lb.
C8 670-1820 LSP DC Power Distributor D8P 8 Zone 2.5A PL
C8P 670-1830  
Mechanical Information Size: 6” x 4” x 1.5” Weight: .75 lb.

- Provided with cables and mounting hardware

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