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E series enclosures are painted, steel, locking enclosures with integral battery space for low voltage power applications. E series mounts FlexPower AC, DC power supplies and distribution modules in multiple configurations for maximum flexibility. Prewired for standard grounding, a tamper switch is provided with the cabinet.
BluB0x Enclosures

BluBØX multi-purpose enclosures offer maximum flexibility, functionality, and savings to access system designers. BluBØX enclosures are engineered to house power management boards alongside access hardware in one compact, secure system.

To prevent damage to system electronics, the backplate separates from the enclosure for access hardware mounting in the shop while wiring is pulled to the enclosure at the job site. Once completed, the backplate can be remounted for final terminations.

  1. Mounts LifeSafety power and access hardware in a variety of combinations
  2. Removable backplate simplifies job installation
  3. Engineered backplate pattern minimizes installation time
  1. Mechanical refinements
    1. 4.5” enclosure depth to accommodate 8AH batteries
    2. 17 Gauge steel with textured blue finish
    3. Board mounting hardware provided
    4. Lock and tamper switch standard


Agency Listings
USA UL 294 / UL 603 / UL 864 UL 1076 / UL 1481 / UL 2044 / UL 2572 FCC Part 15, Subpart B CSFM Approved, CE Canada ULC S318 / ULC S319 / ULC S527 CSA C22.2 # 107.1 / CSA 22.2 #60950 Ontario ESA


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